Book Title Wheel of Destiny
Author Mami YAMADA
Publisher Golden Eagle Press, New Delhi
Published Year 2000
Price Rupees 250
Book Type Paper back, 467 pages

Book Launch Party
Date: March 9, 2000
India International Centre, New Delhi

Special magic show by a young star from
Mumbai, Pearl The Magician Girl

More than 250 friends of Mami's got
together at the launch party

Guests included India's most celebrated
movie director and his fortuneteller wife

Guests were from everywhere in the
world... from more than 30 countries...

Ministers, diplomats, scholars, dancers,
musicians, artists, businessmen, etc. to congratuate Mami's first English book

Mami in the centre, celebrated by her
friends from Israel, India, Columbia,
Angola and Italy

Indian Dinner was served for the guests

Autography time!

"Wheel of Destiny" Book Launch Party
Facilitation Committee Members

Mr. Omak APANG, Minister for Tourism, Goverment of India
Ms. Kimiyo HIRABAYASHI, wife of Japanese Ambassador to India
Rimpoche Dobun TALK, Director, Tibet House in New Delhi
Mr. Jigmet NAMGYAL, The 38th-Generation Maharaja of Ladakh
Mr. Satish GUJRAL, Artist
Mr. P. Kem RAJ, Artist
Dr. Rob MOCKRISH, President, American Embassy School@New Delhi
Prof. Prem MOTWANI, Jawahal Lal Nerhu University
Prof. Shlomit HAYAT, Hebrew University
Mr. Yoshiaki ITO, Minister, Japanese Embassy
Mr. Tadashi OGAWA, Director, Japan Foundation New Delhi Office
Dr. Geza BETHLENFALVY, Director, Hungarian Culture Centre
Dr. Luis BECCERA, Minister, Embassy of Colombia
Mr. Fravio FONCECA, Minister, Embassy of Angola
Mr. Xaviel GERADE, Embassy of France
Mr. Wael ABULMAGD, Embassy of Egypt
Ms. Vijaya GANESAN, Singapore High Commission
Ms. Mitra SASSANPOOR, United Nations
Mr. M. S. BALI, Ministry of Tourism, Goverment of India
Ms. Lupica CHAWLA, Cultural Heritage Restorer
Ma Prem USHA, Fortuneteller (Tarot Reader)
Mr. Hideo KOJIMA, Director, Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank New Delhi Branch
Mr. Yoshinobu SEI, FICCI
Mr. Takeo NAITO, Leader, Nagano Cultural Delegation
Mr. Kenji TOMONAGA, Director, TGK India
Mr. Pralad GANDHI, Director, Bharat Plywood Co., Ltd.
Mr. Umesh MATHUR, Director, Indo Japan Trade Centre
Masami YAMADA, Artist
LiA and Nasa